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How Massage Therapy Can Boost Athletic Performance

How Massage Therapy Can Boost Athletic Performance
17 Feb 14

How Massage Therapy Can Boost Athletic Performance

Looking to get the most from your workout sessions? If so, then you really should consider investing some time with massage therapy. If you are an athlete in heavy training, whether it is in the gym, on the ice, on the field, or in the court, massage therapy can help you put forth a better overall performance.

Let’s look at why massage therapy can help you be your best:

Improved Recovery

First, massage therapy will go a long way to reducing the amount of muscle pain and soreness experienced after a workout session or intense game of squash. If left unattended, this could hinder your ability to work out or have a rematch in the days that follow.

With a fast recovery, you can make sure that you give 110% to each and every training session that you do.

Greater Mind-Muscle Control

Second, going for a massage on a regular basis may also help with your mind-muscle control as well. You’ll feel your muscles tensing and relaxing as you receive the massage and this can help you get familiar with how your muscles feel and respond. You can learn how to control them that much better as well.

Bodily awareness is critical for optimal performance, so this is something quite advantageous and you don’t want to be overlooking this tool.

Reduced Lactic Acid Build-Up

Finally, regular massage sessions can also help to reduce lactic acid build-up in your muscles. Lactic acid will quickly cause fatigue to occur in the muscles, so it’s important that this byproduct is cleared after each workout that you engage in.

So consider adding massage therapy to your athletic performance program. Even a few sessions a month can make a big difference, and just might be that key tool in achieving optimal performance.

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