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A Bodyweight Workout to Challenge Your Muscles

A Bodyweight Workout to Challenge Your Muscles
10 Feb 14

A Bodyweight Workout to Challenge Your Muscles

If you want to work out at home and don’t have access to any sort of weight equipment, don’t dismay! You can still participate in an effective workout session.

You can definitely challenge your muscles through ‘bodyweight’ activities, in which your own body weight provides the resistance you need to help speed up your metabolism, gain muscle strength, and improve your functional fitness level.

Here are some tips for a good ‘bodyweight’ workout:

Use Full Body Movements

As much as possible aim for full body movements. These are going to be the ones that will require more overall muscle strength to perform and since they work so many muscles, they are the best ones to boost your metabolic rate.

Keep Rest Periods Short

Also focus on keeping your rest periods between repetitions shorter as well. If you shorten up the rest periods, you’ll challenge the muscles more as they have to work through a state of fatigue.

This also provides a cardiovascular workout – a definite bonus!

Focus On Balance

Finally, add in a few exercises that focus on balance. In doing so, you’ll challenge your core a bit more, ensuring you get those muscles tucked away deep in the abs contracting.

Here is a guide to an at-home body weight workout. Of course, you will need to tailor this to your own physical needs and preferences. If you can, perform 20 reps of each exercise, taking as little rest in between as possible. Look for guidelines to performing these exercises safely at your local bookstore, library or online. Once you’re finished the circuit, pause for 2 minutes before repeating a second time through.

  1. Bodyweight Squats [See how]
  2. Push-Ups [See how]
  3. Burpees [See how]
  4. Bodyweight Lunges [See how]
  5. Bodyweight Chair Dips [See how]
  6. Mountain Climbers [See how]
  7. Lying Leg Raise [See how]
  8. Jump Squats [See how]
  9. Pull-Ups [See how]
  10. Plank Hold (30-60 seconds) [See how]

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