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Keep Your Children Active This Winter!

Keep Your Children Active This Winter!
16 Dec 13

Keep Your Children Active This Winter!

In snowy, cold weather, it’s not surprising that children tend to become less active. It’s a good idea to engage your children in winter activities from an early age, so it becomes a lifestyle choice as they grow older. Busy children also spend less time in front of the television and playing video games. Children who are physically fit and enjoy the benefits of regular exercise are better able to handle emotional and physical challenges, have stronger self-confidence and sleep better.

Here are some great ideas to keep your kids happy and occupied with healthy activities this winter:

1. If your child balks at going outside when it’s cold, then check with a local recreation center for a schedule of indoor swimming lessons, gymnastics, tennis, basketball, volleyball or karate lessons. Maybe they will be tempted to try something completely new.

2. Walk to school if the weather permits. By bundling up and heading out the door, your child will be energized and ready to start learning when the school bell rings. Set a good example by getting out for walks yourself.

3. Turn up the music and get the kiddies moving!  This is a terrific idea when the weather turns stormy. Most kids love music, and dancing and doing indoor exercises like jumping jacks can really get the blood flowing through their cooped-up bodies and provide some fun and laughter as well.

4. Dress warmly and venture outside to make snowmen, snow angels or head to the nearest rink to go ice- skating. Sledding is also a great way to get some exercise as walking back up those hills takes some work! Remember, for children, exercise is play!

5. Don’t ignore all video games, as they can encourage activity as well. Play any of the great Wii games or Dance Revolution DVD’s. These make great holiday gifts if your children don’t have these games yet.

Create a passion for winter sports, such as skiing, snowshoeing, ice-skating and other outdoor sports. Your children will have a better chance of growing up to be active adults. And even if it doesn’t seem like it, children do pay attention to what their parents are up to – so keep yourself healthy and active too!

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