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Fall In Love With Your Work Out Routine Again

Fall In Love With Your Work Out Routine Again
7 Oct 13

Fall In Love With Your Work Out Routine Again

With 2014 just weeks away, now is a good time to breathe some new life into your workout routine. If boredom is setting in, or you have reached a plateau in your results, take a good look at your current exercise program and figure out what no longer works for you.

If you want to focus on your inner self while still concentrating on your toning, you might want to take a break from your intense cardio fitness regimen and concentrate on yoga or Pilates. If you have always wanted to run a marathon, then make 2014 your year and work with a trainer if needed. Once you establish new workout goals, do some research to figure out what program is best so you can recapture the enjoyment and motivation that may be missing from your current routine.


Don’t be afraid to experiment when trying different exercises. Your friends might all rave about the elliptical machine, but don’t be afraid to cross it off your list if you don’t like it and it’s not working for you. Ask your gym trainer to suggest a new machine that you haven’t tried before.

Get a partner

If you do plan on running that 5-K or marathon this year, then recruit a buddy who has the same goal. A friend with a positive outlook that you can depend on will make training a much better experience. Many recreation centres have running clubs geared to training for local events.


Working out with music that can get you ramped up is a real boost to provide inspiration. Change your music selections often to keep the excitement fast-paced. Ask a friend or workout partner to share their playlist with you to get some new ideas.


Exercise doesn’t always mean a grueling workout. What did you enjoy playing as a child?  Was it bike riding?  Swimming?  Dancing?  Maybe you enjoyed playing a team sport. Rediscover that passion by including these activities in your workout regime. Shovelling isn’t the only snow-related activity in your front yard — build a snowman family this winter to get a good workout while evoking some wonderful memories.

Create a balance

There are times when we are so busy that our schedules are often unpredictable. If there is a period where you can’t find the time to do a workout, don’t be too hard on yourself. Take a deep breath and find other ways to incorporate exercise in your everyday life to stay motivated. Take the stairs at work, walk with coworkers at lunch, and use the hotel gym when traveling. If your house has stairs, find reasons to go from one level to another. Regard your exercise program as a way of life, not something you consider a necessary evil. Think ‘active’: there are lots of ways to incorporate movement into your daily life.

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