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Why Yoga Is So Good For You

Why Yoga Is So Good For You
30 Sep 13

Why Yoga Is So Good For You

With every passing year, yoga grows more and more in popularity. This ancient practice is one of today’s hottest exercise trends as it has the potential for not only improving our physical health, but enhancing our mental well- being too.

The long, slow and deliberate stretches of yoga promote a sense of relaxation as well as calmness throughout the session, which very few other forms of exercise allow. What keeps people intrigued is that the peace experienced at the end of the exercise session stays with you. Yoga is an exercise of transformation, where you can learn to look at things in a new, deeper way.

Yoga works by using a series of moves that promote good posture, breathing and meditation. Devotees of this exercise say it is a perfectly balanced union of the mind, spirit and body. The psychological benefits include memory, confidence, concentration and improved attention. Studies also show that yoga decreases hostility, anxiety and depression.

And of course, there are the physical improvements. Yoga is a cardio workout and improves flexibility, strength and balance. It is also shown to lower the LDL cholesterol (the bad stuff), while raising HDL cholesterol (the good stuff). Not only that, it can lower high blood pressure while stabilizing your blood sugar.

For many, yoga is an exercise that is not only beneficial health- wise, but it is also an optimal choice for the following reasons:

Variety:  With so many different types of yoga, you can focus on a different body part every day of the week. If you desire a bit of focus in your day, then try a few balance poses. Need some cardio?  Do a few “sun salutations.”

No injuries:  Yoga allows one to move with deliberate ease. You shift in a positive way that feels good to you and not in a way your body may balk at.

You can do it wherever you want:  With yoga, you don’t need exercise equipment, so you can do it in your home, hotel room, or at your local park or beach — wherever it works for you.

Cost effective:  Yoga doesn’t require a big bank account. You really don’t even need a mat. You can purchase an inexpensive DVD, go to your local YMCA or contact your city’s Parks and Recreation department to see if any of their programs offers yoga.

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