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First Time Having a Massage? Let’s Answer Your Questions

First Time Having a Massage? Let’s Answer Your Questions
23 Sep 13

First Time Having a Massage? Let’s Answer Your Questions

That first massage appointment is a wonderful experience; however, like any new situation, you may feel reluctant to ask questions you might consider embarrassing.

As massage therapists, we understand that there are plenty of questions clients may have but are not sure how to ask them. Of course, we are here to address your concerns and to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

1. Am I to undress completely?

The answer is that this is completely up to you, but your massage therapist will likely instruct you on this. Many clients prefer to leave underwear on, while others like to be completely nude. Registered massage therapists must make sure that a client is properly covered by a sheet or towel. Only the area being massaged should be uncovered. If you are seeking help for a problem with your hips, buttocks or lower back area, then sometimes undergarments may get in the way.

2. Will a massage therapist be in the room while I dress/undress?

No. Registered therapists will leave the room and give you plenty of time to prepare. Usually, a client will undress, and then lie under the sheet on the table face down. A massage therapist should always knock before entering.

3. I’m afraid to tell the therapist the pressure is too hard/soft.

Always feel free to communicate with your massage therapist, as that is what we are here for. We want to make sure that our pressure is gentle, yet effective. The pressure should never be so hard that you feel constant pain. We need your feedback!

4. I’m self-conscious about certain parts of my body.

Many people are concerned and self-conscious for a variety of reasons. Some feel they are overweight, have acne on their face or back or excessive hair growth, but this should never be a reason not to have a massage treatment. If this is an area of concern for you, then you can always ask that a therapist avoid a particular area. Or, you can ask if there are any massage treatments where clothing is left on. Shiatsu or Thai massages are two such options. Some clients may even want to wear their own comfortable clothing.

5. Am I supposed to talk during a massage?

While some clients prefer to talk, others do not. In fact, most prefer to simply close their eyes and relax. There are some treatments where feedback is necessary such as a deep tissue massage. Of course, always inform the therapist if you are experiencing any pain, or have any questions or concerns.

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