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Staying Fit This Fall

Staying Fit This Fall
2 Sep 13

Staying Fit This Fall

There is something to be said about exercising in the fresh, cool fall air. With lower humidity, the refreshing and invigorating temperatures, as well as the gorgeous scenery makes exercising now the best time of the year to get outside and burn some calories before the cold weather sets in.

With every exercise routine, there may be days you would just rather stay in bed. So here are a few suggestions to make sure that you keep your exercise program on track as the days grow shorter.

1. Fall Scenery:  If you are fortunate to live in an area where people would pay the ‘big bucks’ to see the fall foliage, then now is the time to reacquaint yourself with parks, bike trails and hiking paths that you don’t normally visit. Not only is the view inspiring with the beautiful canopy of falling leaves in bright, gorgeous colors, but you will even forget you are breaking a sweat. Enjoy a fresh look at your own neighbourhood surroundings!

2. Too chilly to go for a morning run? That’s no reason to avoid being active. If it is too dark or too cold outside for you, consider taking an indoor class in a sport or activity you have always wanted to try. Have you often thought about learning karate? What about tap dance?  What’s holding you back? This is a great season to gain new physical skills while burning calories. Not only is the thrill of learning a new activity good for the soul, but it can boost your confidence to try other new activities or pursuits.

3. Make a commitment to yourself that you will follow an exercise program this fall. By saying the words commitment and consistency over and over again to yourself, you are not allowing the too familiar excuse of “I’m too busy,” get in the way of a program that will be beneficial to you, both mentally and physically. Remember, you’re worth it!

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