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When Eating Healthy Gets Boring

When Eating Healthy Gets Boring
15 Jul 13

When Eating Healthy Gets Boring

Tired of munching on carrot sticks?  Have you eaten your last granola bar?  Sometimes when we decide to eat a healthier diet, we run out of creative, flavourful food to eat. After a few days, our new ‘healthy diet’ can get boring. How many ways can you grill a chicken?  How many salads with dressing on the side can you order at a restaurant?  Well, you might just be surprised by the answers to these questions!

Don’t give up on healthy eating before you even get started. The benefits of a nutritional diet are just too numerous to ignore. Here are some suggestions to try so that your meals don’t get predictable, bland, and yes, boring.

1. Crazy Cut-Ups:
Instead of cutting your veggies and salads the same way day after day, chop them up!  Make your dishes more exciting by cutting your fresh vegetables into sticks or small cubes, or maybe cut in spiral shapes. Toss and flavor with your special sauce or dip!  Salads don’t have to be predictable either. Try greens, broccoli slaw, pasta salads and mix and match different styles and textures for an extra zesty salad. Try combining cooked veggies with your favorite raw salads while the ingredients are all cut in different shapes. Once a week, try something new from the produce department of your grocery store.

2. Herbs and Spice:
Adding a fresh herb or a spice to a familiar recipe can completely changes a meal. Add fresh basil, cilantro or dill to a chopped salad. Add cinnamon to fresh fruit, like sliced apples or peaches.

3. Add Flavour to Water:
We all know that in addition to eating healthy, we need to drink healthy as well. But glasses and glasses of water can get tedious pretty quickly. Add slices of fresh cucumber and rosemary to a pitcher of ice-cold water. Or add fresh fruit, such as a combination of lemon, lime, oranges and mint. ‘Frost’ your glasses for a few minutes in the freezer to give your water some ‘snap’. Or try some nice fizzy water in a wine glass. Water doesn’t need to be boring.

4. Eat like A Kid:
Finally, as we suggested above, not only should you cut your vegetables different ways, but add lots of fun lo-cal dipping sauces to the mix. Kids love it because it’s never boring to dip and eat!  Forget ranch dressing. Try salsas, healthy caramelized onion dip, avocado and yogurt dip, hummus and salmon dip. Not only are these great healthy snacks, they are easy to prepare and have waiting for you when hunger strikes. Toss in some crisp grapes, cherry tomatoes, or slices of apples to add variety to your ‘veggies’.

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