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What Makes A Good Massage Therapist?

What Makes A Good Massage Therapist?
8 Jul 13

What Makes A Good Massage Therapist?

The benefits of a therapeutic massage are directly related to the professionalism, skills and training of your massage therapist. Relaxation, comfort and a sense of security are requirements, so take the time to find a practitioner who offers a welcoming, tranquil and clean environment. This is the starting point to create an optimum therapeutic  experience.

Getting the most out of your massage therapy experience requires a bit of research to ensure that you are getting the best possible service for your requirements. There are several factors to consider when choosing a massage therapist, and the following notes will help guide your selection:

  1. Environment:
    A massage therapy clinic should always be impeccably clean, with fresh laundered towels and linens – no exceptions! The atmosphere should be professional, but offer a relaxing and soothing environment that puts you at ease.
  2. Respect for client:
    Your massage therapist should create an environment that shows respects for your privacy and well-being. This includes the privacy of your personal information and records, as well as your physical needs for privacy during a massage. By definition, massage is ‘hands on’ and professional massage therapists are carefully trained in protocols which maximize your sense of privacy during treatment. Demonstrating respect for your privacy is an important step in building a trusting relationship which, in turn, will help you to gain the most benefit from your treatment.
  3. Education:
    A professional massage therapist does not simply become one overnight!  A rigorous course of study, along with ample practical experience provides a therapist with the skills and knowledge to understand the human body and how massage can best serve his or her clients.
  4. Communication:
    Throughout a busy day, a massage therapist can tend to many clients with diverse requests and needs. A good therapist will take the time to listen to their clients and ensure they clearly understand each individual’s requirements. This helps the therapist to make certain that the time spent with a client provides the maximum benefit for the client. Your therapist should listen to your concerns, requests and feedback, and make notes in your chart to keep a record of your specific needs.
  5. Understanding:
    Once someone becomes a regular client, a good massage therapist will understand each client’s condition and provide continuity in treatment. Your therapist should check in with you at the start of every session to learn how you are feeling that day, and if there have been any changes to your health that they should be aware of.
  6. Awareness:
    A professional massage therapist understands that complete focus on the client during the treatment session is mandatory. Conversation will be limited to aspects of the treatment, such as requests for feedback on pressure points or your comfort level. Don’t feel that you need to carry on a conversation with your massage therapist: they are focused on providing your treatment, and this is perfect time for you to let your mind have a bit of a rest too!

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