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Massage after Exercise

Massage after Exercise
1 Jul 13

Massage after Exercise

Having a massage after intense exercise not only improves your post workout recovery, but research shows that even a short, 10 minutes massage can reduce swelling which can heal muscles faster.

You know how you often feel after a grueling workout?  In the back of your mind you realize that the next several days may be painful. Even the thought of getting out of bed the next morning seems difficult. But taking care of yourself after exercise is beneficial is so many ways.

Improved Circulation:

After exercise, massage breaks down lactic acid, relieves tight and sore muscles and improves blood circulation. Since blood carries oxygen to our muscles, improved circulation means more oxygen during and after a workout routine.

Pain Prevention:

Tight muscles often mean feeling pain throughout various parts of the body. For example, tense hamstrings can cause hip and knee pain. Massage can assist in loosening those sore muscles. When exercising with repetitive motions, such as running, even a short massage treatment can reduce or eliminate a post workout regime.

Greater Flexibility:

When your muscles are sore and tight, it can prevent your joints from going through a normal range of motion. Massages break down these painful muscles, restoring them to their natural state. This can also increase performance and ease pain during a workout. Loosening those muscles that are more prone to injury, such as the hamstring, can lead to improved endurance, distance and speed for you.

Eliminates Toxins:

Massage is well known for many things, but it’s ability to break down lactic acid and remove it from the muscles can ease soreness and fatigue from a workout.

While not everyone is able to get a massage after working out, the many benefits of a regularly scheduled massage treatment can improve your workout in more ways than one.

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