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After Your Massage…

After Your Massage…
17 Jun 13

After Your Massage…

How do you make the most of your massage treatment once your appointment is over?  After a wonderful and relaxing session with your massage therapist, the key is to help your body adjust while giving your head time to clear. Here are some helpful suggestions to follow after receiving a massage:

Drink Plenty of Water:

During a massage, your tissues are flushed of toxins and pulled into the bloodstream. Water helps in eliminating these toxins more quickly, which is exactly what your body needs!  Tea, coffee and soft drinks don’t count as fluids in this case!

Epsom Salts Bath:

If you are able, draw yourself a warm bath filled with Epsom salts, as this a natural muscle relaxer and excellent at drawing out the toxins in your body. Available at most grocery stores and pharmacies, add to a warm – not hot – bath.


This is important after a deep tissue massage since stretching can assist in improving muscle recovery and reducing any post massage muscle pain.

Eat A Small Snack:

Enjoying a small, healthy snack after a massage can provide your body with a boost. This is especially a good idea if you tend to get light-headed after a massage. Trail mix, slices of fruit or granola bars are some good ideas to keep in your car to munch on once your appointment is over.

Apply Heat:

If recommended by your massage therapist, apply heat to areas where you are experience soreness, particularly if your massage was focused on an injury or certain area of the body.

Take Note:

Remember that extremely tight muscles may feel a little sore once a massage is completed. Talk to your therapist if you have any issues so he or she can take note for your next appointment.


Finally, sit back and reap the benefits of your massage treatment. And remember not to quit going just because you feel better…having a maintenance plan works wonders!

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