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When Your Workout Isn’t Working

When Your Workout Isn’t Working
10 Jun 13

When Your Workout Isn’t Working

We have all been there:  After a few weeks of working out, we step on the scale thinking we are getting closer to our desired weight, yet the numbers have barely changed. Why does this happen?

Follow a Healthy Diet

Too often we feel that it’s okay to maintain our current diet because the exercise will burn it all off… right?  Unfortunately, the answer is ‘no’. A chocolate bar followed by a soft drink for an afternoon snack isn’t a winning combination, even if you do go to a cycle class the next day. Make your hard work count by eating sensibly with a healthy diet in a calorie range that your body requires. If you find it helpful, write down everything you eat. You may be surprised how the calories sneak into your diet.

Maintain Balance

What’s the point of waking up for a 5:00 a.m. power walk if it leaves you with little energy throughout the rest of the day?  When your exercise starts affecting your work and your free time, it’s important to remember that workouts should be challenging, but not so hard that it leaves you exhausted, sore and begging for mercy. And remember: you may need to adjust your diet to ensure you are giving yourself enough fuel for that morning power walk session.

Uneven Workout

You often hear about surprising the muscles in your body with a rotating exercise program so that your mind and body stay engaged. It’s never a good idea to concentrate on only one thing when exercising, such as cycling five days a week, or aerobics nonstop. Mix and match and create a weekly program that varies while providing a well-rounded routine such as cardio, weights, core, etc.

Boost Your Workout

Changing the intensity of your workout by adding weights or taking an advanced class can kick your routine up a notch. Tired of working out with the same routines in aerobics?  Perhaps try changing to a calmer yoga environment, which can add some enviable changes to your physique.

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