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How Often Should I See a Massage Therapist?

How Often Should I See a Massage Therapist?
27 May 13

How Often Should I See a Massage Therapist?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get a massage whenever we felt like it?  Maybe even have a massage therapist on call?  With all the fabulous physical and emotional benefits of therapeutic massage, having a treatment as often as possible is a luxury that many of us would love to have.

However, for most of us, receiving a massage whenever and as often as we’d like is not in the cards. How often you should receive a massage depends on your physical needs and stress levels. But it is safe to say that experiencing a massage regularly can increase your general wellness and enhance your emotional wellbeing. Many health care plans recognize massage therapy as part of the package of services they cover.

As a general rule, and keeping in mind that no two individuals are the same, a good guide to follow regarding the frequency of massage treatments is based on the following:

If a client has a chronic condition, such as a back problem or other health issues such as chronic headaches, treatment twice a week in the beginning is often suggested. This regimen can be followed with less frequent treatments based on the client’s response to treatment and needs. A maintenance program usually consists of monthly appointments to continue recovery and maintain results. Again, it cannot be stressed enough that each client is different, so an ideal program can only be determined for each individual during the first session and reviewed as treatment continues.

When a client arrives after suffering an acute injury, more frequent appointments — sometimes lasting only 30 minutes –are recommended in relieving the pain and to assist the healing process. It bears repeating that each patient has different needs, but generally speaking, once the injury starts improving, then longer sessions may be scheduled.

For most clients who come for relaxation and stress management purposes, a general guideline is to have a restful massage once per month. However, this is completely up to the individual who may desire more. With so many benefits emanating from a soothing and relaxing massage, a treatment once a month may be too little for some clients, while for others, it’s just the right amount.

Keep in mind that it is not a good idea to have too much time elapse without scheduling a massage treatment. The progress that a patient has enjoyed may be lost if they go too long without an appointment. If muscles revert to their old ways, it may be necessary to start all over again. Our bodies often tell us when something isn’t right. It’s our job to listen…and act!

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