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When is a ‘Sports’ Massage a Good Choice?

When is a ‘Sports’ Massage a Good Choice?
20 May 13

When is a ‘Sports’ Massage a Good Choice?

While many athletes consider a sports massage to be a vital part of their training routine, this very popular and therapeutic massage is not only beneficial for athletes. Far from it! It’s not just those who suffer from a variety of ailments, including sore muscles, soft tissue aches and sport related injuries who are making appointments with their massage therapist. Sports massage can be used to keep muscles healthy and loose, and to enhance relaxation while decreasing blood pressure and heart rates. Many clients also enjoy an improvement in muscle flexibility as well as an increased range of motion.

So what exactly is a sports massage and how does one benefit? Quite simply, a sports massage is similar to a ‘Swedish’ massage that stimulates blood circulation and lymph fluids. This classic deep tissue massage may be a bit more intense than a typical massage, but it should never cause discomfort. There are a variety of forms of sports massage available, including those that are specifically targeted to ‘trigger point’ therapy to break down the knots in your muscles.

The first step is always to communicate what you hope to achieve from your massage. Part of this process will be discussing your overall health with your massage therapist. Some conditions, such as a torn muscle, open wound, varicose veins, or sprained ligaments could be aggravated by a vigorous sports massage. It’s important not only to discuss with your massage therapist what you want out of this type of massage, but also to fully review your health status so that your massage therapist can help guide you to the most appropriate treatment.

A sports massage can be a smart choice for a specific problem, such as a pulled hamstring. By focusing on the problem with a strong, repetitive motion that allows the muscle to respond, your massage therapist will apply the most effective treatment for a successful recovery.

But even without aches and pains or a sport related injury, a deep tissue massage can work wonders in rejuvenating your senses while bringing relief to tense and tired muscles. For those who work long hours in front of a computer, or maintain a full and hectic lifestyle, a sports massage can help to increase greater body awareness while it improves circulation. When blood flows freely through your body, you can work at a greater capacity due to greatly improved focus.

Like a breath of fresh air and a brisk walk, a sports massage gets the oxygen circulating properly in your body. This not only makes for an improved physical performance, but also gives your brain a boost as well!

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