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The Healing Powers of Orange Essential Oil

The Healing Powers of Orange Essential Oil
8 Apr 13

The Healing Powers of Orange Essential Oil

Extracted from the peels of the orange plant, Orange Essential oil is a popular aromatherapy oil that offers a wide range of health and therapeutic benefits. It has a wonderful sweet scent that is crisp and light that not only instantly revives your senses, but it also assists in the following:


This refreshing and soothing scent can boost your spirits when you are feeling anxious. Its elevating properties are well known and highly regarded for assisting with nervous tension, stress and depression.


Orange Essential Oil can provide comfort and relief from inflammation caused by infections. It stimulates blood circulation and is beneficial in treating swollen tissue.

Skin Treatment:

This oil is well known in the dermatology field for assisting in blood flow to the skin. It is also useful in treating dry and irritated skin, particularly acne prone skin.

Foot Treatment:

Apply on calluses of tired, worn feet and gently massage.


Orange oil is used to assist in digestion, ease constipation and help your body absorb Vitamin C. Some people even massage the oil in their stomach area!

So how do you use Orange Essential Oil to achieve its maximum benefits?

Remember, that oils are absorbed into the body via the pores of the skin, nose and hair follicles. They enter into the bloodstream and move throughout your body. Use this oil in the following ways:

  • As a massage oil on affected and desired areas of body
  • Add several drops to a warm bath
  • Use as a room freshener by adding a few drops to water in a spritz bottle.
  • Mix a few drops with your body wash.

A few warnings:  do not apply directly to skin before going out into the sun. As with any herbal product, check with your doctor if you have any health issues before using orange essential oil.

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