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Simple Steps to Brighten Someone’s Day

4 Mar 13

Simple Steps to Brighten Someone’s Day

It really is the simple things in life that make the most lasting impressions. Practicing kindness is one of the most charitable things a person can do, as it truly has a ripple effect that can create a positive difference throughout a community.

The good thing about an act of kindness is that it usually doesn’t take a great deal of effort or forethought: it is often a spontaneous gesture. It is simply putting aside our own needs for a moment to make someone else feel good.

By including some of these steps in your normal daily routine, the difference you can make in someone’s life will remembered – and it’s often when they needed it the most.


This universal human expression is one of the simplest and most rewarding acts. Not only that, did you know that a smile is as good for you to give as it is for the person who receives it? Smiling tells our brain that we are happy, and it responds by releasing feel good chemicals. How great is that!


Often a friend just needs you to listen. This is where you sit back and tune in to what they are saying without interrupting and offering your opinion. If you are genuinely interested, then people can sense this and feel a greater sense of self-worth. What a wonderful gift to give!

Say Thanks!

Too often people who work in customer service hear only negative feedback. If you receive great service, write a note and compliment the person and let them know how much you appreciate their hard work. Use the customer comment cards that are provided by many businesses. Make sure the person’s supervisor is aware of your comments! Imagine how refreshing it will be for this person to receive a letter that thanks them for their effort.

Give an inspirational book

Sometimes, we don’t know what to say to someone who is having a particularly rough time. But by choosing to give them a book full of encouragement and inspiration, they will remember that someone cared about them every time they read it. In fact, they just might pass it along to someone who might also need it as well. It really could be ‘the gift that keeps on giving’…

It surely is never that difficult to provide a friend, family member or stranger with some much-needed encouragement. By putting a smile on your face, you will likely receive one back. It’s true that smiles are contagious! Why not make everyone’s day just a big brighter?

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