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Tips To Get The Most From Your Massage

Tips To Get The Most From Your Massage
4 Feb 13

Tips To Get The Most From Your Massage

Have you ever left a massage therapy appointment and wondered why you didn’t enjoy it more, or thought the effect was not quite what you were hoping for?  If you have a wonderful massage therapist and the atmosphere is always calming and pleasant, then perhaps you may not have properly prepared for your appointment. Here are a few suggestions that can enhance your massage experience so it is everything it should be:

1. Hydrate

By drinking water before and after your appointment, the blood flow increases and starts delivering oxygen and fluids to the muscle tissue. When muscles are tight and tough, healthy blood flow is decreased. The job of a massage therapist is to find the tight muscles and get them working again. Coupled with proper hydration throughout the day, the unhealthy muscle can achieve suppleness and wellness again. A reminder:  Make sure you use the bathroom prior to your massage appointment so you will be comfortable.

2. Relax

This is often easier said than done, especially for those who are anxious or stressed. However, ‘turning off’ your brain as much as possible will allow you to absorb the calming experience. Doing rhythmic breathing helps to relax your body and brain. While you are lying on the table, try inhaling deeply and releasing the air slowly while you push out any negative thoughts. Try five times and repeat throughout the massage session if necessary.

3. Communicate

Never hesitate to let your massage therapist know what you want out of your appointment. If you have special needs or concerns, then it is important to communicate this. For example, if you have issues with the room temperature and music, express yourself! Remember, this is your appointment!

4. Listen to your body

To gain the most from your massage, be ‘in tune’ with your body. A lively conversation is not conducive to a relaxing massage and doesn’t allow your body to completely relax. Of course, let the therapist know if you are suffering from discomfort or any other concerns, but then settle in and enjoy the benefits.

5. Breathe

Throughout the massage treatment, it’s important to breathe normally to facilitate relaxation. Don’t limit your breathing when a sensitive area is being massaged as this triggers anxiety. Simply ‘breathe’ through the process and let your massage therapist know if the pressure is too strong. Your massage therapist may have some suggestions to help you with this.

6. Be on time

It’s important that you arrive on time for your appointment. If you are rushed and arrive in a panicked state, it only takes longer to relax. Give yourself time to sit down in the waiting area, turn off any mobile device you may have with you, and begin the process of relaxation.

7. Digest

If you arrive to your appointment shortly after consuming a large meal, chances are you will feel uncomfortable during the massage. Try and limit any food intake for at least 90 minutes prior to your appointment. Also, avoid drinking caffeine or consuming sugar.

8. Get up slowly

You always hear this after a massage, and it’s for a good reason! Take your time and get up slowly from the massage table. Open your eyes slowly, roll to your side and gently rise to a seated position. Take time while sitting at the edge of the table to get used to your surroundings before standing up.

9. Take it easy

Once your appointment is over, help your body enjoy the benefits a bit longer. If you find yourself stressed later in the day, try some breathing exercises.

10. Soak

If you can, go home and soak in a warm tub of Epsom salts. Allow yourself to rest if possible to not only rejuvenate your body, but your mind as well. You deserve it!

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