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Baby it’s Cold Outside: Exercising in Winter

21 Jan 13

Baby it’s Cold Outside: Exercising in Winter

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can, or should, forget about exercising. There are so many wonderful exercise options that even as the temperature takes a dip, it’s not an excuse to stay inside. Of course, it takes some extra planning to be active outside on a cold day. Always follow good common sense and safety precautions. When you go out for a winter run or walk, remember these steps before you venture outside.

1. Warm up Properly:

Cold weather makes your muscles tight. When this happens, injuries can occur. So do a good warm up and stretch to get your body prepared for activity.

2. Dress in layers:

Insulate your body by wearing gear appropriate for outdoor exercise. Experts say dressing in layers provides effective heating. If you get too warm, you can remove the top layer, which should always be water resistant. If you get too cold the body loses the heat it has stored and hypothermia is possible.

3. Avoid sweating:

Believe it or not, sweating when you exercise in the winter may not be something you want to do. When clothing next to your skin becomes damp, it can cause chills. Remember, you don’t need to sweat to achieve a good workout in the winter.

4. Don’t Strip Down too Soon:

Don’t immediately take off all your layers of clothing when you get home. Allow your body a period of adjustment by following some cool down exercises inside, and gradually remove those layers.

5. Drink water:

Finally, make sure that you drink plenty of water. It’s just as important now as it is during the hot summer months. Even though you may not feel thirsty, your body needs the hydration.

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