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Give Your Body A Break

Give Your Body A Break
24 Dec 12

Give Your Body A Break

Everyone needs a break.  At one time or another, your body craves a mental and physical time-out.  In this day and age, we are constantly plugged in to the outside world, while pushing ourselves to meet impossible deadlines, perhaps caring for children and elderly parents while ignoring our own body when it tells us to slow down.  As busy adults, we don’t understand why we can’t get more done or why our ability to focus is often difficult.  When this happens, it is necessary to take a step back and give yourself permission to take a break.  Think of it this way:  Giving your body a rest is giving it a reward.

Turn it off!

While technology has made our lives easier in many ways, it also means that we find ourselves on call 24/7.  The first step is to walk away from the computer and turn the cell phone off to give your mind some peace and quiet.  Chances are… you spend more time recharging your smart phones and electronics than you do your own body!  True, you may be losing some work hours, but you will be gaining some rest, which can create more productivity and concentration when it’s time to go back ‘on the clock’.

Turn Off the TV Too!

For many, turning on the TV while trying to fall asleep in the evening is a good way to relax.  While this is not a bad idea, keep in mind that leaving the television on during the night interrupts a restful sleep.  The artificial light, as well as the sound, prevents an unnatural sleeping environment.  If you enjoy a good book, reading is a more effective way to prepare for sleep.  For many, listening to soft music or a relaxation CD encourages them to fall asleep faster.

Watch What You Eat

If your recent diet has been unhealthy, give your body a break by concentrating on eating food that is good for you. Load up on fresh vegetables and fruit, while drinking plenty of water.  Detoxify your body by avoiding junk food, eating on the run or skipping meals.

Listen To Your Body:

Don’t ignore what your body is trying to tell you.  The goal for everyone is to live a life that is full and balanced.  Focus on your needs and create a lifestyle where you are rewarded.

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