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Exercising Your Mind

Exercising Your Mind
17 Dec 12

Exercising Your Mind

While your body needs proper nutrition to thrive, the same can be said for your mind and soul.  By creating balance in your life and feeding your inner core, you can effectively improve your mind’s functioning as well as living a more harmonious and tranquil life.

It’s not difficult to exercise your mind, but it takes dedication and commitment to follow through.  The challenge is not to add additional stress, but to improve brain function while nurturing the soul.  Here are some simple exercises that are beneficial for a better quality of life:

  • Feed Your Mind:  In order to be healthy and alert, your mind needs exercise.  By practicing the simple act of learning something new, you are giving your mind a much-needed workout.  Reading a good book, taking a class or learning a new hobby are just a few of the excellent ways you can keep your mind active.
  • Concentrate:  Find a quiet place to sit and take a few, deep relaxing breaths.  Slowly count backwards from 100 to 1.  The key is to stay focused while remaining calm and centered.
  • Create an Open Mind:  Nothing can limit our life’s experience more than that of a closed mind.  Stepping out of our comfort zone and challenging ourselves to do random and different things is a positive way to exercise our mind and promote a more accepting outlook on life.  Be open to change and acknowledge that life is full of different paths.  Challenges face us all, so by embracing change you will accept the power, importance and freedom of a mind wide open.

We are more committed to a peaceful existence when we feel fulfilled.  Our creativity and compassion take over when we let go and relieve ourselves from the daily pressures of life.  Remember, nothing is permanent, so find a place where peace and calm can take over.

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