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Are You Making Your Workouts Painful?

Are You Making Your Workouts Painful?
24 Sep 12

Are You Making Your Workouts Painful?

If you attend the gym regularly or work out on your own consistently, that is fantastic news! However, no matter how regularly you exercise, you could be making your workout painful, less effective, or even harmful by not executing the proper form of each exercise. Here are some of the common mistakes you might  be making:


Your mistake: overdoing it on the crunches. If you think the only way to get the abs you desire is by doing crunches, think again. Too many crunches can actually hurt your back.
How to fix it: Cut back on your crunches – keep in mind you can still complete crunches — just don’t overdo it. Mix in some core-stabilization exercises or consider signing up for a Pilates or yoga class.


Your mistake: Positioning your hands wider than your shoulders. This places strain on the front of your shoulders with each push-up you complete.
How to fix it: Assume the correct position. Your wrists should be positioned directly underneath your shoulders. The push-ups will now help to tone your chest and triceps without hurting your shoulders.

Hurdler’s Stretches

Your mistake: Twisting your knee during hurdler stretches. If your foot is turned outward during the stretch, your knee becomes compressed, leaving it more susceptible to injury.
How to fix it: Rotate your bent knee outward so that the sole of your foot presses on your inner thigh, and then reach for your toes to feel the stretch.

Overhead Presses

Your mistake: Placing strain on your back and shoulders by arching backwards so that your ribs pop out.
How to fix it: Make sure your knees are slightly bent and your ribs are down as you press your dumbbells in the direction of the ceiling.


Your mistake: Doing wimpy lunges, for example, are you taking baby steps when you lunge? This can place stress on the front of your knee which may lead to strains, and over time, even the development of arthritis.
How to fix it: Take a big step forward when you lunge. Make sure your front heel is approximately two feet behind your back knee as you bend it forward in the direction of the floor.

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