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Preventing Weight Gain at Work

Preventing Weight Gain at Work
3 Sep 12

Preventing Weight Gain at Work

There are plenty of reasons why work may be causing you to pack on the extra pounds: stress, the vending machines in the hallways, and the fact that you may be chained to your desk for eight hours a day are just a few possible factors. While you may not be able to change that you are stuck at your desk, or that work can get a little hectic from time to time, there are a few things you can do to help prevent unwanted weight gain.

Instead of stepping out for fast food, visiting the cafeteria, or grabbing a quick bite from the vending machine, try bringing your own lunch. Eating out (or at the cafeteria) can leave you wondering what you’ve actually eaten. A lot of times, you can’t be sure of the number of calories you consumed or how much fat may have been in your lunch. Instead of guessing, make a salad and bring it for lunch every day. A homemade salad can be low in calories and packed full of greens, vegetables, and fiber.

Get up and get active on your lunch hour! If you can, make a trip to the gym to get in a quick workout. If the gym isn’t an option, try going for a jog or even just a quick walk. Exercise can help to alleviate weight gain and reduce any work-related stress that may occur throughout the day.

Place a toothbrush in your desk or purse. Brush your teeth immediately after eating. This is great for dental hygiene and as an added bonus, once you brush your teeth your minty-fresh breath may discourage you from snacking throughout the afternoon.

Keep a stash of healthy snacks in your desk, purse or even the fridge in the break room. This way, if you get hungry you’ll have something healthy to munch on.

Keep a bottle of water on your desk. Water contains zero calories, which is much better than drinking a high-calorie soda or sugary drink. Staying hydrated can help you to stay full and feel better throughout your work day.

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