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Sports Fitness for Adults

Sports Fitness for Adults
20 Aug 12

Sports Fitness for Adults

Were you a star of your high school basketball, football, softball or volleyball team? Even though your glory days may be long gone and you may not have laced up your cleats or donned a uniform in quite some time, this does not mean you cannot get involved in your favourite activities again. Your favourite sport in high school might also be an excellent means of exercise as an adult. If you are sick of working out alone or find yourself needing a little extra motivation, getting involved in sports again just may be the little extra push you need to stick with a fitness routine.

Consider signing up for a recreational sports league. Sign up for a sport where you are familiar with the rules and may even have played in junior high or high school. Whether football, soccer, hockey, softball, basketball, or baseball was your sport of choice, you are likely to find a recreational adult league in your area. Ask around or use the internet to find a team near you.

You also have the option of coaching a youth or high school sports team. Make a difference in the lives of youth. Be a hands-on coach and demonstrate everything to your players to help make coaching a workout for you too. If you make your players run laps, do it with them!

Were you a track or cross country star years ago? If you’ve since lost your motivation to run, look for a running club in your area. These are usually led by an expert runner, and a running club can put you into contact with individuals with a similar fitness level who are looking to have fun, meet new people, and get in shape all at the same time.
Remember the hot, outdoor summer practices or camps that forced you to work on drill after drill after drill? While they may have been dreaded then, you can get the same fitness results — minus the summer heat — by signing up for a boot camp class. Grab a couple of friends to help keep you motivated and push yourself to your limit.

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