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Yoga and Back Pain

Yoga and Back Pain
2 Jul 12

Yoga and Back Pain

Yoga may be good for more than just the mind. For chronic back pain sufferers, yoga and regular stretching can help to alleviate back pain as well as reduce dependency on strong pain medications.

A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine split chronic back pain suffers into three different treatment groups. The three groups included a yoga class, a stretching class and an at-home care plan that included a book about back pain.

The yoga group participated in 75 minutes of beginner yoga per week, which focused on therapeutic and individualized yoga programs. The class was also provided with a video to follow on a daily basis. The stretching group participated in 75 minutes of classroom stretching class, along with a video to follow daily. The self-care group used a book called The Back Pain Helpbook.

The groups were tracked for two years, and researchers found that all of the patients were better off than they were at the start of the study. However, the yoga and stretching group saw better results than the self-care group and were twice as likely to reduce their dependency on medication for the relief of pain. It is important to remember that the participants in this study did not have back pain to the point where they were unable to function on a daily basis.

If you experience back pain, it may be time to try a yoga class. Look for a studio in your area to take some instruction and ensure that you are properly performing the yoga poses. Once you become familiar with yoga, you can also consider a home-care program. Remember, yoga is good for the mind as well as the body!

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