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Benefits of Daily Stretching

Benefits of Daily Stretching
16 Apr 12

Benefits of Daily Stretching

If you are like many individuals, you may think of stretching as simply a way to avoid injury. For some, stretching is an annoyance that is often skipped based on lack of time or the feeling that an injury won’t happen to them. However, everyone should stretch and stretching is not part of a workout that should ever be skipped. There are many benefits to engaging in a daily stretching program.

Stretching is beneficial for everyone. Whether you are an elite athlete or a fitness novice, you can benefit from stretching. One of the best results that occur from daily stretching is that your muscles will lengthen. Overtime, this increases your flexibility and mobility, which means performing your daily tasks will become easier.

Increased mobility is not the only benefit of engaging in a regular stretching program. Regular stretching can help to improve your muscle coordination, decrease muscle tension, increase blood supply to all portions of your body and help to reduce lethargy. It only takes a week or two of regular stretching for the various aches and pains that occur throughout your body to vanish or become less severe. Stretching can be especially beneficial if you experience back, neck or knee pain.

Most individuals assume that stretching is something that needs to be completed before and after sports or exercise. However, a stretching program can be beneficial for everyone on a daily basis. You can benefit from stretching even if you aren’t planning on running or playing a sport immediately following. Consider stretching first thing in the morning before you take a shower as a way to prepare for the day ahead of you.

Stretching before and after your exercise routine is also beneficial. This can help your muscles to recover faster, cause you to experience less muscle pain and decrease your chances of strains, sprains or more serious injuries.

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