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Recovering from an Auto Accident with Massage

Recovering from an Auto Accident with Massage
9 Jan 12

Recovering from an Auto Accident with Massage

No matter how big or how small your accident, an automobile accident can be a dramatic and scary event. Now that winter is here, snow and ice seems to bring an influx of automobile accidents. As the result of an auto accident, you may experience headaches, whiplash, fatigue, shoulder pain, anxiety, impaired concentration, upper or lower back pain or sleep deprivation.  One way to help ease your aches and pains as well as allow you to relax is massage therapy.

A massage therapist who works with an auto accident client will assess the areas of injury as well as range of motion and tolerance for pain. This way a therapist can help insure your comfort and relaxation during a massage.

Massage can be helpful for a wide-variety of injuries and can promote healing. Massage therapy can help increase blood circulation to an injured body part, which can help it to heal properly. A visit with a massage therapist can also help to increase your range of motion, reduce pain, reduce swelling, reduce stress and reduce the formation of scarred tissue. Massage can also help your body to regain balance following injury in an auto accident.

However, it is important to remember that if you sustain any form of injury in an automobile accident (no matter how minor) you should check with your physician prior to engaging in massage therapy.

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