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Are You a Fan of the Foam Roller?

Are You a Fan of the Foam Roller?
12 Dec 11

Are You a Fan of the Foam Roller?

For some reason, many individuals indicate they feel silly or awkward when using a foam roller. Whether you use a foam roller in the privacy of your own home or try one out in the gym, there are many benefits to using a foam roller. If you cannot make a trip to a massage therapist after every intense workout, a foam roller can provide relief for your muscles in between visits to your therapist.

  • Foam rollers can help to prevent common overuse injuries in athletes and exercisers. For instance, foam rollers can help to alleviate tight muscles that can lead to strains and sprains – including your hamstring muscles. Foam rollers can also help to reduce the occurrence of IT band syndrome and flare-ups of conditions like tendinitis.
  • Foam rollers can be an effective means of reducing stress. Foam rollers can help to release knots (or tension) that build up in your muscles and connective tissues. By working out these knots, you can help to reduce tightness throughout your body and feel better about yourself.
  • Foam rollers can help you to become more flexible or maintain your current flexibility. Foam rollers can help to stretch out all of the muscles of your body. This can be especially important if you spend your entire day behind a desk. For instance, using a foam roller can help to combat tightness in your hip flexor muscles. As a result, you may be able to help reduce lower back pain.

If you are not a fan of stretching, the foam roller may help make stretching more fun. Foam rollers from Muscle Matters come with an easy to understand stretching guide that will help you get comfortable with using the product.

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