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Stay Fit During the Winter

Stay Fit During the Winter
5 Dec 11

Stay Fit During the Winter

Staying fit during the winter can present a challenge for even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts. With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s parties and treats, along with the cold, blustery temperatures, it can be hard to commit to and stick with a fitness or nutrition plan. Just because the weather isn’t pretty and the holiday treats look great, that doesn’t mean staying fit has to come to a halt.

Find a workout that works.

For anyone who is used to enjoying a nice outdoor workout in the spring, summer or fall, the cold, winter weather can drastically halt any fitness routine. For those who enjoy running outside, the winter may be an opportunity to try out something new. Check out a local gym. Learn to use the exercise equipment – including weight machines as well as cardiovascular equipment. Gyms also offer a wide variety of classes. Make winter the time to learn how to hip-hop dance or do Pilates. If joining a gym is out of the question, look for home fitness DVDs that will allow for the learning of a variety of different fitness programs from strength training to Latin dancing and everything in between.

Get outside on nice days.

The weather can be very hard to predict! One day it might be snowing and the next it may be +10 degrees and sunny. Take advantage of unseasonably warm weather. The weather doesn’t have to be warm to get in an outdoor workout. Look for seasonal activities. Try skiing, ice skating, cross country skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing and more. Cold weather can be a learning experience.

Enjoy seasonal treats in moderation.

Perhaps one of the biggest issues with the winter months are the wide varieties of delicious meals and treats that come along with the holidays. The trick to maintaining a fit figure during the holidays is moderation. It’s okay to splurge every now and again, but avoid indulging on a daily basis. For bakers, take treats to your neighbors or invite friends over to try cookies and other sweet treats.

Overall, the winter months are filled with fun, family, friends and food. Despite the temptations, anyone can remain fit!

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