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Five Nutrition Tips for Dining Out

Five Nutrition Tips for Dining Out
7 Nov 11

Five Nutrition Tips for Dining Out

Everyone enjoys a good meal out with friends or family once in a while. However, eating out does not mean throwing healthy habits out the window. There are plenty of health-conscious actions you can take to ensure healthy habits regardless of where you choose to dine.

  1. Read through the menu thoroughly. Many restaurants will offer a heart-healthy or a diet-friendly menu. Keep in mind that this menu may just be small portion of their regular menu, but often offer a decent selection of food choices.
  2. Ask the server for a takeout container just when your meal arrives. Ask the waiter to box up half of your meal and save it for another time. This can help reduce caloric intake, while teaching you how to control portion sizes.
  3. Make healthy substitutions for less-than-healthy side dishes. Instead of French fries, ask for a side of vegetables or ask the side to be left off the plate entirely.
  4. Never be afraid to ask questions. If nutritional information is not readily available on the menu, do not hesitate to ask your server for a list of nutritional information.
  5. Anyone looking to dine out and eat healthy should avoid fried foods. These foods are high in cholesterol, calories, sodium and saturated fats.

Be able to spot unhealthy menu items. Smoked foods as well as foods smothered in broth and pickled foods are more than likely bad for healthy eating. Foods cooked with soy, cocktail or teriyaki sauces also tend to be very high in sodium.

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