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Seven Tips for Keeping Stress Levels in Check

Seven Tips for Keeping Stress Levels in Check
24 Oct 11

Seven Tips for Keeping Stress Levels in Check

Life is hectic. As a result, stress is a frequent part of our lives. Stress can have a negative impact on physical health as well as an individual’s emotional well-being. Stress can lead to weight gain as well as depression. While it can sometimes be hard to completely eliminate stress from anyone’s life, there are ways of helping to keep stress in check. Here are some ideas:

  1. Everyone needs their “me time.”
    Everyone should take time out to do something just for them. A hobby, exercise, reading a book or relaxing in the tub or a pool for a while are all examples of taking time out of the day for you.
  2. Exercise on a daily basis.
    Everyone should take 30 minutes, five days per week for exercise. Exercise can help relieve stress, make an individual feel better about themselves and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Spend time with friends.
    Everyone and anyone can benefit from a relaxing night out or in with friends. Spending time with friends can help individuals to relax and laugh a little. Friends can also be beneficial in the event a person needs to vent. A friend can be a shoulder to lean on as well as someone to have fun with.
  4. Get a massage.
    A massage can help individuals to relax as well as alleviate muscle aches and pains. A massage can also be a great addition to “me time.”
  5. Eat five to six small, healthy meals per day.
    Individuals will be more satisfied, which will decrease the urge to stress eat.
  6. Take a minute for some slow deep breathing. Deep breaths can help to refresh the mind and deliver the much needed oxygen to the organs.
  7. Go for a walk.
    Walking can be a great way for individuals to clear their minds and get a new perspective on the current issues in their lives.

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