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Navigating a Busy Gym

Navigating a Busy Gym
17 Oct 11

Navigating a Busy Gym

Fall has arrived. If you spent your summer in a quiet and empty gym, you may notice those who have spent their summers working out outdoors have joined you in the gym again. As a result of the cooler weather and influx of people, a favorite machine or a favorite class may now be jammed packed. Here’s how to make the best of a situation that is often less-than-ideal.

Make this an opportunity to learn something new.

Gym-goers often stick to the same routine. The treadmill or elliptical machine may be your choice of comfort and familiarity. A busy gym may mean an opportunity to expand gym knowledge. Trainers are available to answer questions on how to work an unfamiliar exercise machine. Instead of waiting in line, this could give you the opportunity to try something new that may be very beneficial to your exercise routine.

Regular gym-goers may want to consider signing up for a class.

You should look for a class that requires pre-registration instead of jamming into a packed classroom. There is no need to bump elbows with strangers while trying to learn kickboxing and hip hop. If pre-registration is not an option, get there early to secure a better spot.

You should pack as little as possible for a trip to the gym.

With a busy gym comes a busy locker room. A busy locker room may mean no lockers. If you pack a small bag, it can be placed beside an exercise machine or against the wall of a classroom.

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