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What’s the Difference Between Wellness and Fitness?

What’s the Difference Between Wellness and Fitness?
10 Oct 11

What’s the Difference Between Wellness and Fitness?

An emphasis on good health is important for individuals of all ages and activity levels. With a push to get more Canadians on track to a happier and healthier lifestyle, wellness and fitness programs are popping up all over the country. They are even becoming popular in the workplace. However, what is the difference between a wellness program and a traditional fitness program?

Wellness programs are often implemented by employers to help reduce the cost of health care for the employer, increase worker productivity and reduce the number of sick days employees take from work each year. Wellness programs may focus on physical fitness as well as programs such as smoking cessation. Wellness programs often focus on the specific needs of a group of individuals – such as a group of employees.

Wellness programs host a large number of benefits. Individuals, who participate in programs, are often offered support groups and special discounts on fitness memberships. Wellness programs can make eating healthy, exercising and making healthy choices easier and more fun. Many individuals often indicate that lack of motivation or boredom; stop them from sticking with healthy diet and exercise program.

Traditional fitness programs have been around for years. Fitness programs became more popular in  the 1950s, when researchers determined a link between a sedentary lifestyle and coronary artery disease. As a result, individuals began fitness-based programs. Fitness programs focus strictly on physical activity, unlike wellness programs that focus on the overall health of a person.

However, there are benefits to traditional fitness programs. Traditional fitness programs are more customized than wellness programs. Fitness programs can be tailored to an individual opposed to a group of individuals. Fitness programs easily incorporate the three main aspects of fitness training including aerobic exercise, stretching and strength training.

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